Amanda Whitaker is Britain's most successful female racing driver!

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Mallory Park Onboard with Amanda Whitaker


Onboard video of Amanda Whitaker's race start, showing the first incident with Westie Mitchell.

Amanda gets a good start and Westie (red Merlin) also gets away well, drawing ahead of Pole Man Simon Hadfield (white Lotus). Westie finding himself offline & loses momentum falling behind Hadfield.

Amanda draws along the inside rear of Westie and changes up a gear but as they near the exit of the corner, Westie misses his gear change from 3rd to 4th & instead selects 2nd, the revs rise and the rear end of his car locks up, pitching him straight into the path of Amanda.

The shock of the incident causes the video to cut out. After this collision, Westie is then collected by Diogo Ferrao & they are both pitched heavily into the barriers at high speed. Amanda then continues but has a seperate collision as she misses sight of the slowing David Wilds on the start finish straight as the race is red flagged.

Amanda would like to make it clear that she in no way blames Westie for this incident and wishes him well on the road to recovery.

Posted by Amanda Whitaker on September 1, 2009 at 1:07 PM 4670 Views